Statewide Ballot Initiative for Oregon

$11.50 in 2017—$13.25 in 2018—$15.00 in 2019


Won't it hurt small businesses?

Studies show that higher minimum wages are better for small business because giving a raise to over 700,000 Oregon workers means added customers for all businesses. In Oregon we can expect over 2 billion added dollars into our local economy every year under $15.

Won't people lose their jobs?

States with higher minimum wages have stronger job growth. Since Seattle passed $15 their unemployment has gone down, and their restaurant industry has gained thousands of new jobs. When the minimum wage went up 42% in Oregon from 1989-1991, Oregon saw a decade of economic growth.

Won't prices go up?

Studies show in competition for customers, businesses will reduce profits and find ways to cut costs over raising prices significantly. Even if a small business were to absorb the raise in wages entirely by increasing their prices, it could be done with at most a 4% increase of goods and services over the three year phase in.

Won't families/people lose their state benefits?

Under $15 working families and people will not lose more in benefits than they gain in wages.

Why should low wage positions be given $15 a hour?

Everyone deserves a living wage no matter what work they do. That's what the minimum wage was meant for when it was created.

Isn't the average minimum wage worker 16?

The average age of a minimum wage worker in the United States is 35, they're more likely to be a woman and/or a person of color, and many of them are single mothers. Over 42% of Americans make less than $15 dollars an hour.

What about people already earning more than $10 or $15?

When we raise the wage floor, everyone's wage goes up. $15 then becomes an entry level wage, not skilled labor.

Portland's okay but all of Oregon?

All living wage studies in Oregon have shown even rural areas need $15 for self sufficiency. Areas like Portland and Eugene actually need wages higher than $15.

It should be more than 15$.

We agree, but we have to start somewhere, and we can win with $15.

What about 13.50?

Studies show this is not enough to bring Oregonians up to a living wage.

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