Horizing Up Endorses Statewide $15 Minimum Wage

Horizing Up is a small printing company based in Hillsboro, Oregon. Founded in 2010 by local Portland native Loris Hervey, the company remains locally owned and operated. They provide quality screen printing and custom artwork for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other products. The company currently has two employees and is looking to hire a third soon.

All the employees at Horizing Up make $15 per hour or more. This is yet another example showing that when employees are respected and prioritized, rather than treated like costs to be reduced, even small businesses can afford to do the right thing and pay their workers a wage that affords them a measure of dignity and self-sufficiency.

Meet Loris Hervey, founder and owner of Horizing Up

Loris Hervey contacted the $15 campaign to express his support as both an individual and a business owner, and he is helping spread the word about the campaign with his own amazing t-shirt design that you can purchase here.

“A $15 minimum wage is important to me because I know what it's like trying to take care of your family on less, and it's definitely a day to day struggle” he says. “As a business owner, the minimum wage creates an environment focused mainly on the quality of work rather than workers' pay. Overall, if everyone has more money in their pockets, we'll all spend more; giving a boost to the economy. Let’s broaden our horizons and Rize Up for $15!”

Businesses like Horizing Up, and business owners like Loris, are showing that a $15 minimum wage works, not just in Portland, but also throughout the rest of the state outside the big urban center. Working families in places like Washington and Clackamas counties need $15 just as much as Portland does. That is why Oregonians for 15 is fighting for a statewide $15 minimum wage.

But even while small businesses like Horizing Up are helping spread the word about the need for $15, Big Business is doing everything it can to stop us. That’s why we need your help! Are you a low-wage worker or concerned Oregonian who wants to get involved? You can become a leader in this struggle and help us fight for $15 for over 700,000 working Oregonians. Volunteer to help us collect signatures, or make a donation to the ballot initiative effort today!

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