Governor Brown Proposes to Raise the Minimum Wage to “Poverty Wages Indefinitely”

Numerous polls show that over half of Oregonians favor $15. We've won the public debate on raising the min wage. We've also won the economic debate - There is no denying that it would benefit our economy.
Governor Brown's proposal is just another example of how the will and demands of the public has little influence on lawmakers—policy is only created after first meeting with their donors. And why it is so imperative that we go to the ballot.
The only people's feelings that will be hurt are the pocketbooks and feelings of corporations. Corporations are smart enough to know that if they are going to lose, they need to do everything they can to control just how much they lose.
The following critique of Governor Brown's minimum wage proposal was written by Nicholas Caleb, and was first published at BlueOregon on January 14, 2016.

In a seemingly cynical attempt to trick the public into thinking the state might actually help low-wage workers out of poverty, Governor Kate Brown has slapped the popular number $15 on her new proposal to raise the minimum wage statewide. Her proposal would establish a wage of $15.52/hr in the Portland area and $13.50/hr in the rest of the state. It sounds terrifically progressive in the headlines… until you learn that the wage increase will take place over six years and leave intact the state preemption against communities setting minimum wages at levels they think are appropriate.This means keeping low-wage workers in an indefinite state of poverty while positioning the State of Oregon as a shield between business interests who prefer not to pay living wages and a growing mass that desperately needs a raise just to get by.

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