The Fight for $15 has inspired working people and swept the nation over the last two years. Tens of thousands of low-wage workers have gone on strike for $15 and a union in hundreds of cities throughout the country. Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have won citywide $15 minimum wages. 35,000 home care workers in Massachusetts won $15. Multnomah County employees won $15 and the City of Portland passed a $15 Fair Wage Policy affecting full-time city workers as well as security guards, janitors, and parking attendants who work for private companies that contract with the city.

Here in Oregon, a vibrant, strong, grassroots campaign has been built to make Oregon the first to win a statewide $15 minimum wage. The $15 bill in the state legislature garnered 16 sponsors and put $15 front and center in the statewide minimum wage debate taking place in both the capitol and in the media.

When it became clear that the state legislature would fail to pass a minimum wage increase for working families this session, representatives from 15 Now Oregon, PCUN, and Rural Organizing Project filed for a ballot measure for a $15 minimum wage. With national momentum driving us forward, and polls showing that a majority of Oregonians support $15, the fight to win a $15 minimum wage for all working Oregonians off to amazing start.

But make no mistake, big business is not going to lay down and let us win without a fight. The national repercussions of the first statewide $15 minimum wage are so huge that big business is likely going to make this one of the most expensive ballot measure campaigns ever fought in Oregon. We don’t take money from big business and corporations like the opposition does. This campaign is going to win by being led and funded by working people, and so we need your help fund this campaign and win $15 for Oregon. Fight for Oregon’s working families today by contributing $15, $25, $100, or $1,000 to the Oregonians for 15 campaign.

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